Das Erste Deutsche Mobil Fernsehen

ermöglicht durch

Wall AG, Stiftung RLP für Kultur, Schloss Balmoral, Location One New York

Dominik Lutz, Markus Seriis, Alf Werder, Joachim Swillus, Frank Müller

Im Rahmen des Media Facades Festival Berlin 2008

Susa Pop, Public Art Lab und Mirjam Struppek, Urban Screens,
Media Architecture Group Vienna

supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft,
Technologie und Frauen - Landesinitiative Projekt Zukunft.


Architecture exhibition: 16. October - 12. December 2008 at DAZ
International conference: 17. - 18. October 2008 at DAZ
Urban Screenings: 18. October - 3. November 2008, at dawn
Round Table: 1.11. 15:00, Art Forum



Ein Projekt von Christoph Faulhaber

I am very glad to finally present my new project "Das Erste Deutsche Mobil Fernsehen".
In the last two years I have been constantly thinking on how to get the video camera of my mobile phone working as a live streaming broadcast system. Thus, send it to some place where it is accessible for everyone. In addition, I wanted to make this technique available for various users.
So, this is the public beta, which will be tested on the Media Facades Festival. Please, jump in and show us what you think about public and private imaging, get on the train, keep moving, share your personal experience in time and space, get into the networks of technology, transportation and mobility, and, thus, reconnect the fragmented and dispersed fabric of urban landscape by creating your own stream of the city.